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The Prophetic History of Daniel
~ Further Study ~

Further Study 1
    “Prophetic History”—
      There are 20 unique quotes found on the Ellen G. White CD using the phrase prophetic history.

      “All that God has in prophetic history specified to be fulfilled in the past has been, and all that is yet to come in its order will be. Daniel, God’s prophet, stands in his place. John stands in his place. In the Revelation the Lion of the tribe of Judah has opened to the students of prophecy the book of Daniel, and thus is Daniel standing in his place. He bears his testimony, that which the Lord revealed to him in vision, of the great and solemn events that we must know as we stand on the very threshold of their fulfillment.”  —Manuscript 32, 1896 (Manuscript Releases, vol. 17, pp. 9-11). {CTr 340.6}

      “While the Protestant world is by her attitude making concessions to Rome, let us arouse to comprehend the situation, and view the contest before us in its true bearings. Let the watchmen now lift up their voice, and give the message which is present truth for this time. Let us show people where we are in prophetic history, and seek to arouse the spirit of true Protestantism, awakening the world to a sense of the value of the privileges of religious liberty so long enjoyed.”  —Testimonies, vol. 5, p. 716. {ChS 163.1}

      “By pen and voice we are to sound the proclamation, showing their order [three angels], and the application of the prophecies that bring us to the third angel’s message. There cannot be a third without the first and second. These messages we are to give to the world in publications, in discourses, showing in the line of prophetic history the things that have been, and the things that will be.”  —Manuscript 32, 1896. {CW 26.2}

      “Those young men who desire to give themselves to the ministry, or who have already done so, should become familiar with every line of prophetic history and every lesson given by Christ. The mind gains in strength, breadth, and acuteness by active use. It must work, or it will become weak. It must be trained to think, to think habitually, or it will in a great measure lose the power of thought. Let the young minister wrestle with the difficult problems found in the word of God, and his intellect will be thoroughly awakened. As he gives diligent study to the great truths found in the Scriptures, he will be enabled to preach sermons which will contain a direct, definite message, and which will help his hearers to choose the right way.”  —{GW 98.1} (1915) {Ev 198.2}

      “The Spirit of the Lord rested upon Daniel and his fellows, and the secret was revealed to Daniel in a night vision. As he related the facts, the dream came fresh to the king’s mind, and the interpretation was given, showing the remarkable events that were to transpire in prophetic history.”  {FE 411.1}

      “Christ opened the Scriptures to his disciples, beginning at Moses and the prophets, and instructed them in all things concerning himself, and also explained to them the prophecies. The apostles, in their preaching, went back to Adam’s day, and brought their hearers down through prophetic history, and ended with Christ and him crucified, calling upon sinners to repent and turn from their sins to God. The representatives of Christ in our day should follow their example, and in every discourse magnify Christ as the Exalted One, as all and in all.”  {GW92 20.1}

      “I am deeply exercised in regard to our present position, realizing how far down we are in prophetic history, so near the close of time, and so much work undone that must be accomplished to prepare a people to stand in the great day of the Lord. The end of all things is at hand. Our time to work is short, and there is a world to be warned. There is need of more thorough missionary work. The calls are urgent for more laborers, but where are the light-bearers to the world? God has sent the truth to our doors, but are we doing all in our power to send it to the dark corners of the earth?”  {HS 287.3}

      “Let the watchmen now lift up their voice and give the message which is present truth for this time. Let us show the people where we are in prophetic history.”  —5T 716 (1889). {LDE 16.3}

      “The great waymarks of truth, showing us our bearings in prophetic history, are to be carefully guarded, lest they be torn down, and replaced with theories that would bring confusion rather than genuine light.”  {2SM 101.2}

      “He [Paul] traced down through prophetic history, and saw that the rejection of Jesus by the Jews, his crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension had been foretold by the prophets, and proved him to be the promised Messiah.”  {LP 22.3}

      “The advent of Christ was the greatest event which had taken place since the creation of the world. The birth of Christ, which gave joy to the angels of Heaven, was not welcome to the kingly powers of the world. Suspicion and envy were aroused in king Herod, and his wicked heart was planning his dark purposes for the future. The Jews manifested a stupid indifference to the story of the wise men. But Herod is intensely interested and excited. He summons the scribes, and the chief priests, and urges upon them to search carefully prophetic history, and tell him where the infant king was to be born. The careless indifference and apparent ignorance of the scribes and chief priests, as they turn to their books for the words of prophecy, irritate the fully aroused king. He thinks they are trying to conceal from him the real facts in regard to the birth of the Messiah. He authoritatively commands them to make close search in relation to their expected king.”  {2SP 22.3}

      “The scheme of redemption is not a common study. Had it been so, many souls would not have been disloyal to God. Commencing with the apostasy and the gospel presented to Adam and Eve in Eden, and tracing down prophetic history, the word of God unfolds the plan of redemption, gathering fresh and increased evidence, until the fullness of the time came, and then Christ made his advent into the world. In Christ the deity was represented. He was the great instructor in divine philosophy. He came without display, having no outward glory to stimulate mere admiration, and possessing no earthly riches. . . .”  {Christian Educator, August 1, 1897 par. 9}

      “Do you feel the importance and the burden, so that you will introduce the truth to your best friends and those with whom you associate from day to day? Are you missionaries in your neighborhoods, and in your own families? Are you seeking to have a deep work of reformation going forward where you are best known? Is your life such as to give you influence at home with your families and workmen? You can hang up the charts, and show them the truth, as it is there illustrated. You can teach them, if you have a mind thus to do, by explaining prophetic history, and tracing down prophecies, that the end of all things is at hand. You can impress them with the sacredness of the law of God, and show them its claims upon them.”  {RH, March 29, 1870 par. 14}

      “We feel deeply over the present state of the church whose members have long possessed a knowledge of those events which are to transpire near the close of time in fulfillment of prophetic history.”  {RH, January 1, 1889 par. 1}

      “And I saw in the right hand of Him that sat on the throne a book written within and on the backside, sealed with seven seals. And I saw a strong angel proclaiming with a loud voice, Who is worthy to open the book, and to loose the seals thereof? And no man in heaven, nor in earth, neither under the earth, was able to open the book, neither to look thereon” (
Rev 5:1-3).  {9MR 7.1}
      “There in His open hand lay the book, the roll of the history of God’s providences, the prophetic history of nations and the church. Herein was contained the divine utterances, His authority, His commandments, His laws, the whole symbolic counsel of the Eternal, and the history of all ruling powers in the nations. In symbolic language was contained in that roll the influence of every nation, tongue, and people from the beginning of earth’s history to its close. {9MR 7.2}
      “This roll was written within and without. John says: [Rev 5:4, 5, 8-14; 6:8-11; 8:1-4; quoted.]  {9MR 7.3}
      “The same spirit is seen today that is represented in Revelation 6:6-8. History is to be repeated. That which has been will be again.  —Letter 65, 1898, pp. 6-9, 12. (To Brethren Griggs and Howe, August 23, 1898.)  {9MR 7.4}
      “Revelation is a sealed book, but it is also an opened book. It records marvelous events that are to take place in the last days of this earth’s history. The teachings of this book are definite, not mystical and unintelligible. In it the same line of prophecy is taken up as in Daniel. Some prophecies God has repeated, thus showing that importance must be given to them. The Lord does not repeat things that are of no great consequence.  —Manuscript 107, 1897, pp. 1,2.

      “All who join the ranks of Sabbathkeepers should become diligent Bible students, that they may know the pillars and groundwork of the truth. They should study prophetic history, which has brought us down point by point to where we are at the present time. This is God’s plan for our school. Young men should attend who desire to become educated for any line of work, who have capabilities, and see the necessity of learning more and still more where we stand today in prophetic history, uniting link after link in the prophetic chain, even from Genesis to Revelation. Christ is the Alpha, the first link, and the Omega, the last link, of the gospel chain, which is welded in Revelation. These young men will not have fixed habits of wrong, or defects in disposition and character that will make them inflexible.”  {10MR 171.1}

      “We are sounding to the world the last message of warning. We are laborers together with God, living and working amid the closing scenes of this earth’s history. From God’s watchmen the world must hear the truth for this time. He who commanded the light to shine out of darkness has issued the command to us, Let your light shine before me. Go forth as a lamp that burneth. Diffuse light. Each period of the fulfillment of prophetic history is a preparation for the advanced light which will succeed each period. As the prophecy comes to an end, there is to be a perfect whole.”  {13MR 15.3}

      “The Lord has lifted upon us the light of His countenance. Now we will make known God as never before. Our conversation will be in heaven, and we will draw souls to His attractive loveliness. Our hope of success is in the truth we bring before the people, presenting it in every line in prophetic history, leading step by step to the close of time with the simple exhibitions of the wonders of the cross of Calvary. Truth is a continually increasing power. The love displayed by the Saviour on Calvary’s cross vindicates the immutability of the law of God. There is seen the law magnified. And His grace, His peace, His pardon, and eternal life are for all who are obedient. That sacrifice on the cross purchased the crown of immortality for all who will look unto Christ and live.”  {18MR 287.1}

      “And many are doing the same thing today . . . because they have not had experience in the testing messages comprehended in the first, second, and third angel’s messages. There are those who are searching the Scriptures for proof that these messages are still in the future. They gather together the truthfulness of the messages, but they fail to give them their proper place in prophetic history. Therefore such are in danger of misleading the people in regard to locating the messages. They do not see and understand the time of the end, or when to locate the messages.”  —Manuscript 136, 1897. {Ev 613.1}

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