Prophetic History | Daniel - Introduction

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The Prophecies
Daniel and the Revelation

Uriah Smith

Uriah Smith’s Book to be Published and Distributed. —EGW.
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Part I
The Response of History
to the
Prophecies of Daniel

“The prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy
men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost.”

2 Peter 1:21

Chapter Title                                         Page #
Foreword                                                 5
Introduction                                            15
 1. A Captive in Babylon's Royal Court                  19
 2a. The King Dreams of World Empires                   29
 2b. The King Dreams of World Empires                   51
 3. Integrity Tested by Fire                            71
 4. The Most High Ruleth                                79
 5. The Handwriting on the Wall                         89
 6. Daniel in the Lion's Den                            97
 7a. The Struggle for World Dominion                   105
 7b. The Struggle for World Dominion                   126
 8a. The World Arraigned Before the Court of Heaven    149
 8b. The World Arraigned Before the Court of Heaven    171
 9. A Prophetic Yardstick Spans the Centuries          193
10. God Intervenes in World Affairs                    225
11a. Unrolling the Scroll of the Future                233
11b. Unrolling the Scroll of the Future                255
11c. Unrolling the Scroll of the Future                278
12a. History's Coming Climax                           301
12b. History's Coming Climax                           324

Part II
The Response of History
to the
Prophecies of the Revelation of Jesus Christ

“We have also a more sure word of prophecy;
whereunto ye do well that ye take heed,
as unto a light that shineth in a dark place,
until the day dawn, and the day star arise in your hearts.”

2 Peter 1:19

Introduction                                           337
 1. The Divine Method of Prophetic Revelation          339
 2. The Letters of Jesus to the Churches               361
 3. "Behold, I stand at the Door and Knock"            383
 4. Before the Throne of God                           407
 5. The Challenge of the Sealed Book                   415
 6. Breaking the Seals on the Book of Prophecy         425
 7. The Seal of the Living God                         453
 8. The Collapse of the Roman Empire                   473
 9. The Moslem World in Prophecy                       493
10. The World-Wide Proclamation of the Second Advent   519
11. The Battle Between the Bible and Atheism           531
12. The Background of Religious Intolerance            549
13a. The Agelong Struggle for Religious Freedom        561
13b. The Agelong Struggle for Religious Freedom        583
13c. The Agelong Struggle for Religious Freedom        604
14a. God's Final Warning to a Wicked World             625
14b. God's Final Warning to a Wicked World             644
14c. God's Final Warning to a Wicked World             662
15. Preparing the Vials of Divine Wrath                681
16. Seven Plagues Devastate the Earth                  685
17. A World Union of Church and State                  707
18. The Doom of Modern Babylon                         715
19. King of Kings and Lord of Lords                    731
20. The World's Millennial Night                       739
21. A New Heaven and a New Earth                       755
22. Peace at Last                                      771


“Believe in the Lord your God, so shall ye be established;
believe His prophets, so shall ye prosper.”

2 Chronicles 20:20

"The Light of God's Word" (poem)                        12
"The Home of the Saved" (poem)                         769
Bibliography                                           785

Page 5


      This volume is devoted largely to tracing the story of God’s marvelous dealing with nations and with notable individuals in fulfillment of the great prophecies of the Bible in the past, but more particularly to the unrolling of the prophetic scroll as seen in the stirring events of the throbbing present, and of those impending in the immediate and ominous future. Such events are of the greatest personal significance to every man and woman.
      No one can afford to live in a time like ours without studying the vital issues it has pleased God to open to our understanding in this fast moving age. Such issues have eternal consequences for every soul.
      The author of this book lived and wrote more than a century ago, and in the literary and polemic style of those times. His interpretation of prophecy, however, and the doctrines of truth he established through intensive study of the Scriptures, have borne the test of time and of diligent scrutiny by Bible students. Indeed, they have borne the test so well that they are the more worthy of being perpetuated in a revised edition, which it is our great pleasure to offer in this present attractive form.
      No effort has been spared by the editors to simplify and clarify the presentation of truth in the fluent and appealing diction of the writer, to verify all historical and exegetical sources drawn upon by the author, and in notable instances to fortify the teaching by new evidence not available at the time of the original writing. They have sought also to bring to bear upon prophetic interpretation the additional weight of significance so obviously discernible in political, social, and religious developments pressing upon our attention in these culminating days of the gospel era.
      Thoughtful and open-minded consideration of these vital themes by every candid reader is earnestly invited.


Page 12

The Light of God’s Word

O’er all the moral world, where, otherwise,
No light would come, or through its midnight gloom
No cheering ray appear, to dissipate
The darkness, God has set a guiding star—
A luminary bright—whose rays divine
Should pierce the night—the deep’ning shades dispel,
Which o’er the earth in sullen silence brood.
Nay, more, a ray of God’s own brightness, sent
Direct to man from off His radiant throne;
That those who gladly should the light receive,
And follow where it led, should here enjoy
A glorious foretaste of the bliss of Heaven.

It is God’s Holy Word, immutable,
Through life’s bewildering maze alone can guide
The wandering traveler to eternal rest.
Without it, man were lost—lost in the deep,
Dark labyrinth of dread uncertainty—
Where doubts distract, and fearful thoughts arise—
With nought his steps to lead, save the dim lamp
Of human reason, whose misguiding flame
Would serve to make the gloom still more profound,
The darkness deeper, and more keenly felt.
But ’twas not God’s design to leave man thus,
In error’s devious paths, to grope his way;
So, through His Sacred Word, His will revealed,
And pointed out the narrow path, that bright
And brighter shines, e’en to the perfect day.

(From the poem The Warning Voice of Time and Prophecy, by Uriah Smith.)

Prophetic History | Daniel - Introduction

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    Prophetic History | Daniel - Introduction