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Historical Event #7

Prophetic Time Ends
End of 2300 Years—October 22, 1844
Beginning of the Great Day of Atonement

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    In a Few Words—

In a Few Words—
      The seven thunders (last-day events) are based on Daniel’s fulfilled prophetic events of the past. In the order of Daniel’s time prophecies, the symbolic years, the seventh event would be:
          October 22, 1844 —Prophetic time ends (a day for a year); The Sanctuary is not cleansed, —because the historical fulfillment is the type; beginning of the Great Day of Atonement; the judgment of the dead begins and continues until the starting of the repeated thundering last-day events. Dan 8:14.

Mirror Event:
      Thunder #7; Ending of the 2300 Days; Heavenly Sanctuary Cleansed

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